Veille JS-Star #1

Js-republicDeux fois par mois nous vous adressons dans ce blog les articles chinés lors de notre veille JavaScript, qui nous ont le plus inspirés.

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C’est parti ! Bonne lecture !
Adding Hot Module Reloading to Create React App” par Chris Shepherd
The React team have just released Create React App. It’s a quick and simple way to get started with a single-page React application and I expect it’s going to be popular as it’s already got over 2000 stars on GitHub in less than a day!
Angular 2, Ngrx/Store & Ngrx/Effects – Intro To Functional Approach For A Chain Of Actions” par Oren Farhi
The Ngrx projects adds functional approach to various interesting architectural implementations. I wrote about my experience with storing data using ngrx/store and testing this approach in angular 2 based app. Since then, I’ve had the chance of exploring this land of ngrx further more. I’ve found ngrx/effects to be an elegant and quite functional solution for expressing …
The Service Worker Lifecycle” par Ire Aderinokun
If you have worked with Service Workers, you may have run into some issues with previous Service Workers still being in control of a document, even though the file itself has been updated. The reason for this is to do with some nuances in the lifecycle of the Service Worker; it may be installed and valid, but not yet actually in control of the document.
A year with PostCSS” par Mihael Tomić
So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye
Sass, it’s been a hell of a ride, I like you. It’s just… too complicated. I found a new processor and we’re fine. We like each other. It is lighter, easier, flexible and so much more. I can even choose everything I want. Goodbye, I wish you all the happiness in the world.
Accessible UI Components For The Web” par Addy Osmani
To be accessible, UI components need to work across multiple devices with varying screen-sizes and different kinds of input. Moreover, components should be usable by the broadest group of users, including those with disabilities.
A Case Study in Components, Theming and Flexbox” par Hugo Giraudel
I have long been a writer for SitePoint, and I always found their article tiles quite appealing from a design perspective. They provide all the necessary information about articles: title, author, date, category and even community metrics (number of comments and likes).
I figured such a tile is probably an interesting component to build, both from the HTML and the CSS perspective. In this article, we will build this component step by step, trying to make it the best we can: accessible, maintenable, themable and SEO-friendly.
Simple Interactive Points Effect” par Mary Lou
Today we’d like to share a simple hover/click effect for images with you. The main idea is to show a map or a base image with some points of interest (POS) and when we come close to one of these points and hover, an image starts to fade in. When clicking on the POS indicator, a content layer is shown with some more information on that point; the background image becomes completely opaque. This concept could be fitting for some kind of map assisted story telling, like a travel piece or similar.
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