Resources range about GraphQL

Even if like Romain says, , Here is a nice list of tutorial and resources about GraphQL. Everyone can take away what he needs. Feel free via the comments to notify us other resources and why not yours ? (Author :Samer Buna) Book Description : There’s … Lire l’article

JS-Republic - Tuto ReactJS

20 Resources and tutorials about ReactJS framework

If you are looking for resources and tutorials to learn or get better on ReactJS, this article it is for you.
ReactJS is actually the JavaScript framework which grown up the much faster. It is used for the user interfaces in highly used services like Facebook, Instagram and many others.
The power of ReactJS comes from its ability to generate complexe and interactive user interfaces with a high level of performance thanks to the Virtual DOM technology.
Lot of developers around the world start to use ReactJS to develop complex applications and web sites. The web is plenty of articles and tutorials on the subject, and we decided to pick twenty of them which specially caught our attentions.
Good reading !

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JS-Republic - nightwatch

How to setup Nighwatch in a multi-OS configuration

Introduction This article is a follow up of Nighwatch in a team with multiple Operating systems In the real world, you may encounter a team running several OSes : Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc. When you want to run an acceptance test, it must be … Lire l’article