Atomic Research is a molecular approach inspired by Atomic Design that breaks down and organizes user data.


Atomic Research allows you to make the most of the user information you already have by pooling it across your entire organization and your digital products (software or Web).
His model breaks down knowledge into 4 types of atoms:

  • Experiments (user tests, questionnaires, etc.)
  • The facts (raw data from experiments)
  • Interpretations (Insights that derive from facts)
  • Recommendations (use of Insights)

The atoms are grouped, classified, interconnected in a database.


The database replaces or supplements the analysis reports. Everything is gathered in the same place, in the same tool. The data is:

  • Archived, it is easily found in the database to activate it at the right time
  • Shared within the team and the organization
  • Combined, new Insights can emerge

Large organizations with many decentralized teams will see it as a powerful tool in inter-team communication to cross-check and activate user knowledge.


Atomic Research allows you to make the most of the user information you already have by pooling it across your entire organization and your digital products (software or Web).

  1. Create a unique base of knowledge and truth
  2. Facing the problem of the loss of knowledge: poor memorization, non-capitalization, turnover or difficulty of access
  3. Ensure buy-in and adoption by all stakeholders through an evidence-based approach
  4. Combine the different user exploration and evaluation approaches, beyond UX Research (data, social listening, after-sales service, etc.)
  5. Perpetuate the history of user knowledge.

With two people adapted expert offers:

Setup & init offer

You probably already have a large volume of data without knowing it.

  • Results of qualitative and quantitative studies,
  • browsing data,
  • Verbatim collected from customer services or support,
  • etc.

The first step in an Atomic Research culture spread that will help you make upcoming decisions tangible is to list what all of your services have.

Our expert will propose to you at the end of this first phase an action plan to start your UX-Research stack in the best possible way in a logic of sustainability and sharing.

Run and Coaching offer

Build a User-Research Stack and develop its maturity.

Setting up the tool is not enough for its proper use. To guarantee the sustainability of data, it is essential to set up spaces for dialogue.

Significant rigor is required. Supporting the organization and developing its maturity over time is essential.

Creating onboarding tools for new users and industrializing its procedures is also essential, especially since it is common for Designer teams to be fragmented.

Thanks to a ten-day support aimed at building a suitable environment:

  • Mapping of data sources in the organization
  • Audit of available data and needs
  • Recommendation of the most suitable solution to deploy, keeping in mind scalability needs
  • Cleaning / cutting / standardization / categorization of data
  • First feeding of the solution


  • Training / Awareness of “run” teams (internal / external)
In 4 hands with our experts, build a User-Research Stack and develop its maturity

  • Implementation of sharing and arbitration ceremonies
  • Creation of an onboarding procedure
  • Measure usage, usability and development
  • Regularly organize Master Classes to demonstrate the value to the “businesses”

thanks to a full-time in-house or UX-Republic expert responsible for the tool and data integrity and
a UX-Republic coach 1 to 2 days a week


The France Télévisions teams take the floor to share with us how they deployed Atomic Research in a short time in their organization.
A BBL animated with passion by Laïla, UX Designer at UX Republic.


With this replay you will be able to learn more about this innovative method which will save you time. Daniel Pidcock, creator of this method and the Head of design at BPCE share their feedback with you.


In connection with the ATOMICResearch.
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