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With the Data the UX is stronger

Our UX-Analytics experts are senior Digital Analytics consultants recognized for their operational excellence. They help our clients successfully implement their webanalytics tools and deploy their data strategy. This is thanks to their mastery of technologies and their business applications.

Our UX-Analytics coaches operate in 3 areas

Tailored Support Custom

Training experts

  • Creation of tailor-made training at your request
Expert assignments
Technical audit and tool reflection
The goal
    Draw up an inventory of the data management of the UX strategy and design of the customer journey to identify areas for improvement.
    • Expert analysis of data collection and its structuring


    • Relevance of the tools and technologies used and benchmarking


    Analysis of the relevance of KPIs and methods for steering the product strategy
Examples of missions
    • Benchmarking of webanalytics tools prior to the launch of a data strategy


    • Identification of major tracking errors and data quality audit


    Recommendations for restructuring the tagging plan for better management
Expert assignments
Implementation and tracking
The goal
    Support you in the implementation of your webanalytics tool and the tracking of your product developments to ensure complete data reliability.
    • Definition of business objectives


    • Drafting of the marking and technical recommendations


    Acceptance and validation of data reliability
Examples of missions
    • Management of the implementation of a new tool


    • Drafting of the marking plan for a new project


    Management of tracking optimizations for a product team
Expert assignments
UX strategy analysis and management
The goal
    Analyze user behavior on your digital interfaces and make the data directly actionable in order to best meet your business objectives.
    • Definition of KPIs and analysis and reporting methodologies


    • Development of in-depth analyzes on the customer journey (Explorations and new features)


    Implementation of management dashboards
Examples of missions
    • Analysis of the relevance of the digital strategy and work on the ROI


    • Constructions, planning and analyzes of AB tests


    Support for product owners in managing their product
Personalized support
data strategy
The goal
    Advise companies to define their data strategy and succeed in their transformation.
    • Data strategy consulting

      • Evangelize the importance of data to management committees
      • Define a technology implementation roadmap
      • Define the means (resources, process, tools)
      • Join the management committee

Data evangelization within the Company

    • Issues and data methods
    • Integration of data profiles in an Agile organization
Personalized support
UX Coaching – Personalized Analytics
The goal
    • Support our clients' analysts and business users in getting started with data tools.


    Develop the level of expertise of our clients' business users.
    • Dedicated time with an expert UX-Analytics coach (5 years minimum experience)


    • Transmission of knowledge: exchange and practical application of concrete cases related to the problems of the client


    • Assistance in the preparation of important workshops and construction of a personalized UX-Analytics training program.


    Sharing the UX-Republic watch
Examples of missions
    • UX-Analytics training directly at the client


    • Training new methods and new workshops


    Debrief on the work done by the UX teams

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