[UX-Conf 2023] How to create a brand experience in the metaverse and Web3?

This article retraces the conference given by Cyrille Magnetto, Vice President of Innovation at AXA, during the first edition of UX-Conf – Human First. This conference is about building a brand experience in the Metaverse.

In the ever-changing world of technology, businesses continually seek to anticipate and adapt to new trends. Cyrille Magnetto, Vice-President Innovation at AXA France, shares a bold vision of the future with the Metaverse and Web3. Over the past year, AXA has made giant strides in these areas, opening a window into a promising digital future.

The Metaverse, much more than a simple buzzword

The Metaverse is not just a passing trend, but a promise of a more immersive and decentralized internet. AXA takes a pragmatic approach, focusing on immersive features that encourage encounters and strengthen the social bond between users.

AXA and Innovation: a natural marriage

At AXA, innovation is anchored in the DNA. For five years, the company has been exploring the possibilities offered by Blockchain, as a pioneer. With the emergence of the Metaverse, AXA sees a new opportunity to push the boundaries of innovation by integrating elements such as NFTs.

The Metaverse as a recruitment and training tool

In the constantly changing professional world, AXA sees the Metaverse as a major asset. The company seeks to attract tech talent, promote its employer brand and rethink virtual workspaces for a more engaging experience.

AXA and The Sandbox: a Visionary collaboration

AXA has invested in the Metaverse terrain with The Sandbox, choosing a platform that matches their vision of Web3. They created an immersive game, AXAdia, which aims to raise awareness and educate, while highlighting the AXA brand.

Concrete results and lessons learned

The results speak for themselves: 215 views, 000 players, an impressive completion rate of 14% and a final rating of 000/88.

AXA succeeded in achieving its objectives by making the AXadia experience an undeniable success. Additionally, the company has managed to experiment with new means of engagement through NFTs.

Next steps and outlook

Building on this first experience, AXA plans to create new gamified experiences with specific objectives, such as raising awareness of climate change. In addition, artificial intelligence opens up new perspectives for even more immersive gaming experiences and more personalized experiences for players.


AXA's foray into the Metaverse and Web3 represents much more than just an experiment. It is a demonstration of their commitment to innovation and their desire to anticipate the future. As Web3 grows in popularity, AXA remains on the lookout for emerging opportunities with the ultimate goal of shaping a more engaging and collaborative digital future.

Kristina Jovovic, UX Designer at UX-Republic