Small UX-UI lexicon (part 1)

On a daily basis, on assignment, I have to exchange with different actors of a project. Depending on the position and the appetite for the discipline of UX-UI design, everyone has a different knowledge of the terms used.
Over the course of the missions, I have therefore compiled a large number of concepts and it is a vocabulary that I would have liked to have had when I started and that I have therefore consolidated as I go along to help future students or new to digital.
I have therefore prepared a series of articles for you where each concept will be explained so that you can refer to it.
And we start our series with the first 21 notions.

Digital design: what prospects for 2023?

For more than a decade, digital tools have enabled us to respond to a variety of daily life situations and thus make our daily lives easier: easily book a stay abroad, resell clothes that we no longer wear, order a meal and have your groceries delivered or even pay your taxes online.

UX CALENDAR – DECEMBER 16 – At your games!

Several games have been developed to test themselves on UX and UI topics. More or less relevant and fun, here are the top 5 of my favorite games on the subject. Novice or expert in UX/UI, whether you want to take a break with colleagues or entertain your loved ones by sharing a bit of your daily life with them, these games are made for you.