UX CALENDAR – DECEMBER 16 – At your games!

A little fun for this end of the year! 

Several games have been developed to test themselves on UX and UI topics. More or less relevant and fun, here are the top 5 of my favorite games on the subject. Novice or expert in UX/UI, whether you want to take a break with colleagues or entertain your loved ones by sharing a bit of your daily life with them, these games are made for you. 

To consume without moderation ! 

Number #5: Pixactly


Test your ability to pixel perfect: draw shapes of the indicated length and width… A short quick game (5 rounds) with the objective of getting the lowest score. To your pixels!



Number #4: It's centered that


On the side of illusions, this game is in a good position. A very simple rule: you are presented with shapes and a point, it is up to you to detect whether this point is perfectly centered in the shape(s) indicated or not. And in addition, they have just released a special Christmas version 🙂 



Number #3: Color game


This game has the particularity of putting into practice vocabulary in the field of colors: saturation, complementary colors, analogous colors, triadic colors and tetradic combinations. Experience these concepts live by positioning yourself in the right place of the chromatic circles. Be careful, you are timed! At the end, you get an overall average score for each theme.



Number #2: Cantunsee


If this game will seem simple to you at first, as you pass the levels the difficulty increases and our lynx eyes are put to the test! Make the right choices, take your time, train your sense of observation. Can you see the correct spacing? Good alignments? Identify the best contrasts? Differentiate the typographies? It's time to test yourself!



Issue #1: UserInyerface

User Interface

We end in style with my favorite game, at the risk of driving you crazy. You have all had disappointing or even annoying experiences on interfaces; userinyerface has centralized the worst possible errors in order to prevent you from achieving your goal. With your colleagues, your friends or your family, this little challenge always has its effect… and you can easily measure the impact of a deteriorated user experience on the abandonment of a site! 

Put aside your logic, test your ability to resist the influence of design, and congratulations if you get there in less than 5 minutes (or even if you get there at all!). The advantage of this game is that it is perfect for understanding in a quick and fun way why UX/UI professions are important in interface design.



It's up to you 🙂

PS: if you pass all these little games without problems, it might be time to apply to UX-Republic 😉 



Florine AUFFRAIT, UX Designer @UX-Republic


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