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≣ Objective of the training

Figma is a collaborative tool specializing in the design, presentation, prototyping and inspection of user interface code. Powerful tool on the market, it offers UX/UI designers, project managers or Product Owners and developers to design four-handed in real time. Its activated and deactivated shared library is a major asset for gaining timeliness.

At the end of this training, you will know:

  • Interpret the Figma interface
  • Compare Figma to other tools 
  • Enforce prototyping on Figma
  • To define collaborating on Figma
  • Use shared libraries 
  • exploit a system design

≣ Appreciation of the training

Overall average: 10/10

  1. Organization assessment: 4/4
  2. Goal assessment: 4/4
  3. Evaluation of the service: 4/4

The ratings are the synthesis of the cumulative assessments of our trainees from 01/01/2021 to 06/01/2023.

≣ Pedagogical and technical modality

During these two days, you will benefit from an immersive training experience.
You will be required to participate in experimenting with the interface creation and prototype functionality of the Figma software. You will cover functional and design file management logic. You will be able to assess the relevance of deploying this tool within your company by designing simple components and complex components. Our consultant-trainer will accompany you in the realization of the various practices and their expectations.

Our training is based on the know-how of our consultants and illustrated by their feedback.

Our curriculum is designed according to the following principles:

  • Répartition learning time between 30% theory & 70% practice
  • Put into practice by creating a prototype based on a design challenge
  • Trades regularly with the trainer and the participants
  • Evaluation and analysis by a trainer-consultant expert in Figma

Educational materials: each of the learners has a download link with the training materials.

Educational materials: provision of all collaborative materials.

Technology: a large screen or video projector is necessary for projecting the training material and a Figma link to support the practical exercises.


A 3-month access to OpenClassrooms is included to ensure a 360° increase in skills, know-how and know-how.
You will receive an email giving access to the OpenClassrooms platform when your training experience begins.

For this training, we recommend the course “Work independently".


Learners with disabilities, we are at your side to identify the most suitable arrangements for teaching methods and materials or the relevant human aids.

For more information, contact our disability referent: referent-handicap.training@ux-republic.com / +01 44 94 90 70 XNUMX

≣ Duration of training

  • Duration: 14 hours spread over 2 consecutive days

≣ Evaluative modalities

  • A knowledge check in the form of MCQs or practical exercises is carried out during and at the end of the training. It allows to validate and take back the points not assimilated.
  • A certificate of completion of a training action is sent to the learner.
  • A copy of the attendance sheet is sent to the sponsor.

≣ Peripheral aspects of training

  • Training locations : face-to-face on your premises
  • Number of participants : max 8
  • Meals : at your expense

≣ Prerequisites

  • Have at least 1 first experience in the design of digital products or services
  • have an interest for User Experience

≣ Audiences concerned

UI-Designer / UX-Designer / Webdesigner / Product Owner / Project Manager / Graphic Designer / Art Director / Front-end Developer / …

≣ Method and access times

  • To be definitive, an order must be expressly formulated on paper via the registration form on our site. For any registration, an acknowledgment of receipt and the training agreement are sent to the registration manager.
  • Access times may differ from 1 to 15 days depending on the method of payment. For all companies resident in France, the payment of the price of the training is to be made upon receipt of the invoice. For all companies resident outside France and people with a self-employed activity, the payment of the price of the training is to be made before the day of the training, in cash and without discount.

Time program

Day 1: Discovery and handling of the tool

1 - 1
Introduction & background
- What is Figma?
- Who can use it?
- Overview of other prototyping tools
- The big advantages of Figma
1 - 2
Discovery of the tool
- Interface Tower
- File Management
- The two types of user
- Exercise: handling a file
1 - 3
Designer in Figma
- Understand the overall functioning
- Editing features
- Styles
- The collaboration
- Exercise: create a design

Day 2: Putting it into practice

2 - 1
Components in figma
- The basic components
- Variant components
- Use an asset library
- Exercise: Create components
2 - 2
- Simple auto-layout
- Advanced auto-layout
- Exercise: Create a table
2 - 3
- The interactions
- The animations
- Exercise: Animate your model
2 - 4
To learn more
- Interactive components
- Tips & tricks

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December 30 - 31, 2024

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