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≣ Objective of the training

The management and measurement of the user experience is very important to make reliable and demonstrate the impact of the creation or redesign of a digital solution.

To demonstrate the return on investment, you must learn to organize and then manage the UX and listen to user feedback to anticipate, group and analyze the recurrence of uses, needs and blocking points.

At the end of this training, you will know:
  • Identify and adapt to UX maturity levels
  • Interpret the objectives to be achieved in user experience design
  • To define the challenges of measuring experience
  • Enumerate User eXperience KPIs
  • Translate by calculating the ROI of the UX

≣ Appreciation of the training

Overall average: 8,2/10

  1. Organization assessment: 3,8/4
  2. Goal assessment: 3,6/4
  3. Evaluation of the service: 3,8/4

The ratings are the synthesis of the cumulative assessments of our trainees from 01/01/2021 to 06/01/2023.

≣ Pedagogical and technical modality

During this day, you will benefit from an immersive training experience.
You will be required to use management tools and implement the measurement of user experience in a concrete situation.
Our consultant-trainer will accompany you in the realization of the various practices and their expectations.

Our training is based on the know-how of our consultants and illustrated by their feedback.

Our curriculum is designed according to the following principles:

  • Répartition learning time between 30% theory & 70% practice
  • Put into practice management and measurement of UX
  • Trades regularly with the trainer and the participants
  • Evaluation and analysis by a trainer-consultant expert in managing and measuring UX

Educational materials: each of the learners has a download link with the training materials.

Teaching materials : provision of all the collaborative material.

Technology: a Google Meet link is used for the projection of the training material and a Mural link to support the practical exercises.


A 3-month access to OpenClassrooms is included to ensure a 360° increase in skills, know-how and know-how.
You will receive an email giving access to the OpenClassrooms platform when your training experience begins.

For this training, we recommend the course “Reveal your leadership style".


Learners with disabilities, we are at your side to identify the most suitable arrangements for teaching methods and materials or the relevant human aids.

For more information, contact our disability referent: referent-handicap.training@ux-republic.com / +01 44 94 90 70 XNUMX

≣ Duration of training

  • Duration: 7 hours spread over 1 day

≣ Evaluative modalities

  • A knowledge check in the form of MCQs or practical exercises is carried out during and at the end of the training. It allows to validate and take back the points not assimilated.
  • A certificate of completion of a training action is sent to the learner.
  • A copy of the attendance sheet is sent to the sponsor.

≣ Peripheral aspects of training

  • Training locations : from a distance
  • Meals : not included

≣ Prerequisites

  • Have at least 1 first experience intervention on digital projects BtoC, BtoB, BtoE…
  • have an interest for User Experience

≣ Audiences concerned

The training is aimed at all user and customer experience professionals (BtoB, BtoC, BtoE):
Service Designer / UX-Design / Product Designer / Product Owner / Product Manager / Marketing Manager / Data Analyst / Digital Transformation Consultant / Strategic Planner / …

≣ Method and access times

  • To be definitive, an order must be expressly formulated on paper via the registration form on our site. For any registration, an acknowledgment of receipt and the training agreement are sent to the registration manager.
  • Access times may differ from 1 to 15 days depending on the method of payment. For all companies resident in France, the payment of the price of the training is to be made upon receipt of the invoice. For all companies resident outside France and people with a self-employed activity, the payment of the price of the training is to be made before the day of the training, in cash and without discount.

Time program

Day 1: Driving and measuring UX

1 - 1
Organizing the User eXperience: the basics for building a good service / product
- Introduction: the fundamental notions of User eXperience
- The objectives to aim for a 100% user-centric project
- The Design Challenge
1 - 2
Managing the User eXperience: the miracle recipe for a memorable team
- Define the design hypotheses and the iterative roadmap: Warm up, Proto-persona, KPIs
- Define and organize roles on a UX project to assess missing skills
- Communicate, formalize and validate: the importance of deliverables through mapping
1 - 3
Measuring the User eXperience: the means of calculating the return on investment
- Evaluate the User eXperience
- Link UX metrics to business objectives: calculate UX ROI
- Build a dashboard


28th October, 2022


9 am - 30 pm

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