Design of the Casino group's loyalty tool

Application ID Card

• The loyalty application for the brands: Casino Supermarché, Géant, Le Petit Casino and Casino Shop

• 1.4 millions of downloads

• 75% android | 25% iOS

• Rating of 4.4 appstore | 4.0 Google Play Store

• 600.000 discounts activated each week

Co-Design | User Flow | UI design | Emotional Design | Phygital field observation | Fast prototype

The objectives of the Casino group

Objective #1

The Casino group wanted to transform the customer relations policy of its 900 stores inspired by e-commerce mechanics.

Before Casino Max, the customer-store relationship existed mainly through paper catalogs, newsletters or discount coupons given in stores.

Objective #2

Customer loyalty is an essential issue in the very competitive world of mass distribution..

The generosity distributed by Casino via the loyalty account cannot be the only loyalty-building lever because this mechanism is costly and moreover the policy of “low prices” ultimately damages the image of the products and the retailer.

The goal for Casino is also to position oneself on:
the experience in and out of stores
the quality of customer service

The objective is to move from massive and blind promotion to targeted promotion backed by innovative customer services.

The answer

The project focused on the following 5 value propositions:

  • Discount vouchers and personalized promotions to generate a sense of customer recognition
  • Deferred payment in 4 instalments free of charge, to facilitate the purchase of customers in key moments of life
  • Autonomous purchase via his cell phone to avoid waiting at the checkout
  • Digitization of tickets checkout to have a simplified follow-up of your shopping
  • Shopping list with suggestions of products, to offer a shopping assistance service

App users

All Casino customers

The goal was simple : digitize all customers who have a physical loyalty card. The average Casino Max user is 46 years old.

After almost 1 year of existence, we realize that the customers of the application are the reflection of the physical customers, in this sense: the project is a real success.

Collect the user need

To collect user data, Casino has called on its ambassadors who represent all the stakeholders in the stores (cashier / department manager / manager). They report monthly on their needs as well as the feedback from their customers.

The main challenges of the project

Challenges #1

Digital is not yet seen in physical stores as a solution but much more as a threat.
It was necessary to carry out an in-depth digital transformation, based on the successes of the Casino group's web players (, as well as external expert resources in the following professions: UX-Designer and UI Designer.

Challenges #2

Integrate short cycles, mass distribution.
Where a web project or application lasts between 6 months and 1 year, a first version had to be released in 3 months.
Casino wanted to release an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to quickly have a vision of the features most used by customers.

Challenges #3

As the application does not generate turnover and that user satisfaction is difficult to measure for Casino, it was important to quickly acquire a sufficient number of users, to validate the added value of the project.
To generate downloads quickly, Casino has relied on the strength of stores and all physical media: paper catalog, store displays, etc.

Challenges #4

A strong technical challenge because it was strictly impossible to take the slightest risk with the stores' IS: one day when the checkouts no longer work and the store's annual growth is cancelled. All the intelligence of the customer relationship had to be carried by the application.

Challenges #5

The 900 stores are heterogeneous: their area, the services offered and their network coverage.
The app's journey may be perfect, but if the stores don't have sufficient internet coverage: the user experience fails.

En conclusion

Every decision had to fit the equation between customer needs, technical feasibility and its large-scale development cost, while developing two native applications: iOS and Android while covering phones that are sometimes more than 5 years old.

Project progress

The start
The team quickly immersed itself in the project by analyzing user needs and very quickly prototyped a zero version of the application to validate the hypotheses.

One of the major challenges of the project was to bring together the “physical” loyalty card and the “digitized” card.
To achieve this goal, the team conducted a lot of UX workshops (Six to One – User Journey – Undercover Agent) to minimize user friction points during the application sign-up phase.


The project very quickly moved from the sketching state (sketch), resulting from the co-design workshops (6to1) to proposals for user paths with an interface design in the colors of Casino Max.

The project team created testable prototypes that allowed errors to be adjusted and the product vision to be validated.

Another advantage of working prototypes is that they avoid long and costly specification phases for the transition to development.

Test and validate
When designing the Scan Express and adding the payment card to the application, the UX team conducted user surveys directly in stores by interviewing customers and store managers.

On the other functions, the backlog was defined according to feedback from Casino ambassadors and feedback from the various application stores.


Report #1
The project team worked efficiently to make this application a success with Casino customers.
From the translation of the vision, to prototyping to production, the cycles are extremely short and integrate feedback from customers and ambassadors.
Report #2
In numbers :
1.4 million downloads in 1 year with a breakdown: 75% android and 25% iOS,
600 promotions per week are activated by customers
120 customers have requested the dematerialization of coupons given at checkout, which represents 000 tons of paper saved per year.

Report #3
Beyond the success of use, Casino has had many relays in the media.
Report #4
Casino is now the only major retailer to dematerialize its discount coupons, and its customers have responded by massively adopting the reflex of the digital loyalty card.
Report #5
Casino has set up a veritable large-scale digital customer relationship laboratory via the Casino Max application.
Report #6
The project is still in its infancy: many proposals for improvements and innovations are to come.

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