UX CALENDAR – DECEMBER 16 – At your games!

Several games have been developed to test themselves on UX and UI topics. More or less relevant and fun, here are the top 5 of my favorite games on the subject. Novice or expert in UX/UI, whether you want to take a break with colleagues or entertain your loved ones by sharing a bit of your daily life with them, these games are made for you. 


In November the UX'iens shared many links between them from the most useful to the most practical while passing by the strangest.
It is this selection of links that we want to share with you in a format that is easy to share with your collaborators during your next team meeting to also open up other perspectives in your projects...

Happy reading and looking forward to meeting you at a meetup to talk about user experience.

UX CALENDAR – DECEMBER 7 – Why some customers don't realize the importance of doing user testing

Some advice to understand the brakes of customers in terms of user testing.
A traditional company has been operating in a certain way for several years and already has its own processes that have already proven themselves. Changing things can then be difficult.
In France, we attach a lot of importance to performance and efficiency, which is why spending time doing research and user tests rather than delivering screens can seem like a lack of performance and a lack of tangible results.
You can then pass for incompetent not to deliver screens or worse pass for a scammer to your client. Because doing user tests can be a more or less long task depending on the users and the objectives set.