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The place of JavaScript in a world of connected objects

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Around the world
[/one_half] [one_half] To help me better present this subject, I represented the JavaScript language in the form of a character. Throughout this presentation, we are therefore going to follow the adventures of this character whom I named Jsy.


Jsy lives and evolves in the world of the web which since its creation has become so complex. Today we talk about social network, live web, big data, cloud computing, streaming etc. In all these aspects of the net, Jsy plays an important role and survives all these hardships. Suddenly connected objects invade this universe and the net leaves the browser. Jsy is lost with this upheaval.
[/one_half] [/row] [separator type=”” size=”” icon=”star”] Jsy facing connected objects
A question arises: where and how does Jsy find its place in this new world? To answer this question, we will first observe the everyday life of Jsy and see how he manages to apprehend this arrival of connected objects.
Since coming into the world, Jsy has been imprisoned in his browser. Specifically, he lives in a virtual machine. Jsy acts and intervenes on the browser to improve our web experience. This virtual machine evolves over time and in 2008, with the arrival of Google Chrome, Jsy discovers a brand new home: V8. When designing this virtual machine, the Google team tries and succeeds in making this virtual machine work outside the browser. This aspect gives hope to Jsy to finally get out of his prison.
Jsy's life
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 Escape from Jsy
[/one_third] [two_third] A year later, Ryan Lienhart Dahl is using V8 to build a software platform he calls nodeJs. This platform then serves as a vessel to allow Jsy to embark on a journey beyond his imagination. On board his ship Jsy sets out to discover new worlds.
Jsy's trip
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Let Jsy continue his journey for the moment. Meanwhile, let's take a closer look at this invasion.

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Today we are talking about connected sports, connected homes, connected objects for babies, connected health or even eco-friendly connected objects. By doing a little research, I came across an incredible list of connected objects, I would like to cite a few examples:
[/two_third] [one_third] Connected objects
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[row] [one_third] Flower power
Flower power by Parrot: an eco-friendly connected object that allows you to monitor the health of plants and to be alerted when they need to be watered.
[/one_third] [one_third] Tweet pee
Tweet pee from Huggies: a diaper that sends a tweet when the baby wets the diaper.
[/one_third] [one_third] Fundawear
Fundawear by Durex: vibrant connected lingerie to spice up your cyber adventures.
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[row] [one_third] Any object can be connected
[/one_third] [two_third] Any object can be connected as long as you see a use for it. As a result, an object is no longer simply functional, it provides a service. This service can be in the form of an action to be carried out or information to be collected or both. Let's take a look at how to create an object that helps.
To render service, an object must be able to interact with its environment. This interaction implies that the object has sensory or motor organs, a brain, and a spinal cord to provide the connection between the brain and the organs. We can thus identify a model, a partial definition of what an object that renders services is.
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Arduino and Raspberry pi union

In a distant corner of the universe, Jsy discovers an inter-galactic alliance of two perfectly coordinated worlds bearing the name of “raspi-duino alliance”. This alliance is made possible thanks to the “ultra secret beam” which will be called USB.
Let's study this alliance in detail to understand how it can help tame connected objects.
[row] [one_third] Raspberry and Arduino connection
[/one_third] [two_third] Within this alliance, we have on one side the Raspberry pi: it is a miniaturized computer that embeds an operating system similar to Linux. This operating system provides a very favorable environment for the landing of the node JS ship and for the creation of a new world for Jsy. On the other, we have the Arduino, an electronic card equipped with a component called a micro-controller, capable of managing other electrical components and reducing them to slavery.
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By transposing this alliance to the useful object model seen above, we can identify the brain, the Raspberry pi, with its considerable computing capacity, and the spinal cord, Arduino, with this ease of communication with the external world. By combining this system with sensors or electric actuators, we can create connected objects. Today Google is trying to define the web standard of tomorrow and Jsy is at the heart of the matter. The presence of Jsy at the top of this system allows us, Republicans, to design and create connected objects using the language we use every day for the web.
In terms of user experience, connected objects bring together two worlds: that of “traditional” object design and that of human-machine interface design. The experience of users is a key asset to the success of connected objects.
New territory for the Republic to conquer ...
Kirou logu
UX-Republic scientist

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